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Lubricant in Brazil?

Boa Praça is the authorized distributor for BIOGEN® WIRESHIELD® in Brasil


High Performance Biodegradable Wire Rope Lubricant

Biodegradable, Minimal Eco-Toxicity, Non-Bioaccumulative

Outstanding corrosion protection

Highly resistant to water wash-off

Temperature range -50 to +180°C

Maximum penetration ensuring protection at the cable core

Does not drip or fling off due to the pseudo-plastic rheology

Friction reduction reducing abrasion and wear

Simple & safe application

Stable in the presence of salt water

Also ideal for use on ROV umbilicals

Approved for use on Rolls Royce Syncrolift

BIOGEN WIRESHIELD is increasingly being recognized for its extreme levels of performance and green credentials.

BIOGEN WIRESHIELD is a biodegradable lubricant for wire ropes and umbilicals.

Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants are often quoted as having reduced performance capabilities when compared to traditional mineral oil lubricants. A No Compromise approach has been taken to the development of BIOGEN WIRESHIELD, leading to its performance capabilities being equal to or greater than mineral oil competitors.

In-house laboratory tests and extensive field trials with some of the largest wire rope and umbilical users and manufacturers in the world have repeatedly proven the quality of BIOGEN WIRESHIELD.


  • Maximum penetration Ensuring protection at the cable core
  • Excellent corrosion protection Preventing premature failure
  • Extreme wash-off resistance Guaranteeing protection when wet
  • High fling-off resistance Minimising slip hazards whilst providing long term protection
  • Friction reduction Reducing abrasion and wear
  • Simple & safe Non-hazardous to operator
  • Biodegradable and low eco-toxicity Minimising environmental impact
  • High level of pumpability Easy application with automatic lubricators
  • High temperature stability Ensuring protection at high temperatures
  • Stable in the presence of sea water Protection does not fail when exposed to sea water
  • Low temperature capabilities Suitable for Arctic & Antarctic conditions
  • High temperature stability Resistance at high temperature created by heave compression
  • No sheen formula Will leave no traces of use

BIOGEN WIRESHIELD is a dark grey gel designed to immediately transform into a fluid consistency under shear to aid penetration into the core of the rope.




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Boa Praça is the authorized distributor for  BIOGEN® WIRESHIELD® in Brazil

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