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EMAS is a leading offshore contractor offering subsea construction, installation, maintenance, repair and decommissioning services.


New trials of a technologically advanced wire rope lubricant introduced to the international market by ROCOL® have prompted highly positive feedback from a leading offshore contractor.

ROCOL, an established manufacturer of lubricants for global industries, says its BIOGEN WIRESHIELD solution is being increasingly acknowledged for its extreme performance levels and green credentials.

The new-generation technology helps to protect wire ropes and other equipment from the onset of corrosion – a primary cause of equipment failure in most extreme environments found in offshore and subsea industries BIOGEN WIRESHIELD has already been the subject of praise from Fugro Subsea Services personnel after it was successfully trialled on ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) operating from its Grampian Surveyor vessel during deepwater operations off West Africa. 

Now it has received similarly upbeat feedback from vessel management aboard EMAS CHIYODA subsea installation and construction vessel Lewek Connector after it was deployed during operations in the Gulf of Mexico and Nigeria.

The feedback after utilisation is that: “Following lubrication, the wires involved were in and out of the sea many times, and the grease coating remained in a very good condition. It repels the sea water extremely well and is also environmentally considerate, which is a strong requirement of compliance with Company safety and environment policies.”

Further, the grease seemed to repel both dust and debris and did not come off the wires as it ran through crane sheaves, leaving the deck and crane grease-free.

“The air temperatures and humidity were high in the areas where the vessel was operating, but the grease showed no signs of degrading or becoming less viscous, and kept its structure extremely well.”


Brendan Kendrick, Business Development Director, marine and offshore industry, said:

“We’re delighted with this latest endorsement for BIOGEN WIRESHIELD from EMAS CHIYODA subsea. It’s great to see another major player in the offshore industry recognise the quality, integrity, reliability and capability of our product.”