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P&O Ferries


P&O Ferries boasts the largest fleet of ships offering a wide range of services and facilities, the most comprehensive route network and the most frequent passenger and freight services to the continent.


The Pride of Kent crosses the channel to Calais up to 10 times a day. T he vessel is moored using steel wire ropes which can be immersed in sea water up to 20 times a day and exposed to extreme coastal weather conditions.

To lubricate the wire ropes fish oil was applied to them on a regular basis. Although easy to apply and offering reasonable penetration to the rope core, the fish oil produced unsatisfactory results, including poor wash-off resistance leading to increased lubrication intervals. The operators also had prob-lems when applying the oil as it dripped and splas hed onto them, causing health and safety issues, as well as an unpleasant odour.

P&O require a lubricant with high wash off resistance and high load carrying capabilities. The product needs to be easy to apply with a low odour and able to provide corrosion protection to the core of the rope and its outer strands.


The trial was carried out on one wire rope to compare the performance of WIRESHIELD to fish oil. WIRESHIELD proved extremely effective due to the ease of application and improved cleanliness. After only two months in service no further application of lubricant was required and the ropes were in excellent condition.


“WIRESHIELD™ is easy to apply and much more pleasant to use than the fish oil we used previously. The improved wash-off resistance means that the ropes stay protected and we can extend the re-lubrication intervals, which saves a great deal of time and money.”

Paul Head – Ships Boatswain, Pride of Kent