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Briggs Marine


Briggs Marine and Environmental Services are based in Burntisland in Fife. The company supplies services across a range of industries working off shore in the marine sector.


Briggs Marine struggled to lubricate their wire ropes effectively. IMES recommended a Viper System to help speed this process up and also to help clean the wire ropes prior to lubrication. As BRIGGS Marine work mainly around the UK and comply to ISO 14001, they decided that an environmentally friendly lubricant would benefit their operation.


In using both the Viper System and BIOGEN WIRESHIELD, Briggs Marine have been able to get excellent penetration into their wire ropes, they are now using an environmentally friendly lubricant and now feel confident that they are giving their wire ropes the bet protection available.


“Working with IMES and ROCOL we have now got the best solution to our wire rope lubrication. I feel very confident that BIOGEN WIRESHIELD is the best product for our application. It gives us confidence that we are using an environmentally approved product allowing us to maintain our high standards of accreditation.”

Neil McGill – General Manager