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Mediterranean Shipping Company


Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), Valencia, Spain.

MSC are the 3rd largest container terminal in Valencia. As a company, they are the second largest in the world and have 49 container terminals worldwide.


MSC require a product to protect the wire ropes on the Paceso STS crane. MSC were suffering elevated costs due to high failure rates, especially on spreader hoist wire ropes which needed replacing approximately twice a year at the cost of €15,000 per rope.

Previously, MSC used a standard black NLGI 2
grease, the trapped moisture in the cable lead to corrosion and suffered excess fling off resulting
in health and safety issues. Furthermore, the black grease made it almost impossible to inspect the condition of the rope due resulting in further costs and unexpected downtime.


The high performance levels and pseudoplastic technology of WIRESHIELD™ doubles the existing life to 12 months. Due to the transparency of the product, inspection of the rope is much more visual which means maintenance schedules can be carried out more efficiently.


A Masto Applicator was used to apply WIRESHIELD which eliminated safety issues surrounding manual lubrication and reduced down time and costs. WIRESHIELD need only be applied once per year and therefore reduces the time and cost of continuous lubrication. The fling off issues that previously incurred have also been eliminated by using this product.